Sunday, April 20, 2008

Long overdue

Well, I haven't posted here in forever. It seems like life just takes over and there's no time for anything. Mira has had to have quite a lot of dental work done. Seems she has very bad teeth. We've got everything taken care of and now we're working really hard to be cavity free. Evan has been having hearing problems. He can't hear much at all. We took him to see his pediatrician and he has ear infections and excessive fluid in both ears. She seems to think he will need tubes so we go to see an ENT dr this Wednesday. With everything else going on, we did manage to go have some fun. We went to the circus last weekend. We really had a lot of fun. Mira and Evan got to ride an elephant. They had a ball. They also rode the little ponies. I didn't get any photos of that because we had to walk along beside them and they were really going fast!! I was almost at a jog trying to keep up with it. Mira thought it was really funny that I was having to work so hard to keep up. Evan was very fascinated with the circus, he asked questions the whole time. Poor thing, he couldn't really enjoy what was going on at the time cause he was wondering about something else he saw on the side!! I'm adding a few pics, as you can see, I really loved the elephants, they're my favorite. They just look so sweet!!! Also love the tigers they are really beautiful animals.