Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Okay I know it's late but better late than never!! A few days before Halloween, we carved pumpkins. Evan did a pirate and Mira did Cinderella. Well actually Rog and I did the carving and the kids did the scooping out of all the guts. They did not like that part of the job very much.They had a blast on Halloween. Mira loved being Cinderella and of course Evan loved being a Mickey Mouse Pirate. This was Evan's first trick-or-treating experience. He was just amazed that you could just knock on someone's door and they'd come out and give you candy! He did not want to quit but we had exhausted all the friends and family we had in town. He kept wanting to go and go. Of course Mira was just her usual whatever self. She doesn't get really excited about many things. She saves it up for when something is really great!! After trick or treating we came back to Poppa and Gran's for a warm bowl of potato soup and what else for dessert but candy!!


RamblingMother said...

So glad Evan didn't stay afraid of the characters. Great pics. Cute pup. Boxers have so much personality.