Thursday, February 14, 2008

What else happened?

I guess the next important thing that happened after Christmas and New Years is that Evan started Pre-K. They had an opening in the pre-k program at the primary school so we were able to get him in. He has to dress in the dress code just like the big kids. He was so cute in his khaki's and navy shirt. I could not believe that my baby boy was starting school. He handled it way better than I did. Rog and I both took him on his first day, he went on in and started playing like he'd been there before. I told him from across the room" bye Evan, mom and dad are gonna go now" he just waves us bye from across the room and I couldn't believe it. I was the one crying not him. His teachers can't believe he's never been to school before. He get's a treat from the treasure box every week for good behavior(which is so hard for me to believe) Here's a little pic of his first day of school!!